Jonty Norton


A compilation of a few commercials I’ve cooked up over the past two years! Feel free to give me a shout


Beef and Lamb New Zealand – Safety Conversation

Part of a three-part series of health and safety short films I directed and shot for Beef and Lamb New Zealand.

Beef and Lamb New Zealand – Quadbike Competency

Safely – Short and Sharp

Re-cut footage from a commercial shoot retold into a more consumable length. Written, produced, directed, shot, edited and voice-over by Jonty Norton.

Safely – The Story Continues…

Second instalment in the Safely Series. Shot over 1.5 days using amateur actors (truckies and farmers turning up on their day off) and battling hail, wind and rain this was a rough two day shoot. Especially when the one camera assistant pulled a sicky the day before! Shot, directed, written, produced and edited by Jonty Norton.

Safely – Explained

The first instalment in the Safely Series. Got flown down to Invercargill and dropped in the middle of a random farm with two farmers intimidating the city slicker. They refused to say anything in front of camera but slowly warmed up and after the wrap was shouted out to a few beers at the pub. Soon afterwards “J-Rod” and  “Gary” became local superstars prompting the demand for a second instalment ^^

Splore Aftermovie – 2017

A short aftermovie for Splore Festival. Fantastic three days battling mud, mud and more mud. Splore still manages to look like a utopia.

Auditz – Promo Vid

First ever ad for Peak Software. Found out the hard way that farmers didn’t like being called “Sheep Herders” and did not appreciate the piss taken out of. Anyway was a fun two day shoot using Uni mates and our software developer as actors. Was directing, operating the camera jib while focus pulling and boom operating all at the same time. Then edited and added some (pretty shocking) graphics. Great learning curve though!

Be Quiet – Silent Short Film iTicket

Short film for uni. Not allowed any dialogue. Written, directed and shot by Jonty Norton.

Promotional Video  – Splore 2016

First pass on a rough cut collage shot for iTicket. Lesson learned to negotiate payment before agreeing to shoot anything.

This Giant Papier Mache Boulder is Actually Really Heavy.

Volunteer 1st AC and camera op on the lowest budget sci-fi comedy in the world. Probably put in about 15 days in spare weekends across a year. Great collaborative effort by all filmmakers in Auckland!

The Science of Christmas

2nd AC on a single day shoot for AUT and their “Science of Christmas”

What’s Good – Ceremony

Shot and edited a few clips for What’s Good. Great chance working with producer Chloe Swarbrick.

What’s Good – Mixology